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StayFIT Fitness Stations

The StayFIT fitness stations can be combined to form an all-in-one fitness system. Using one's own body weight as resistance, they are designed to provide an all-around workout.

Each fitness station is made from high-quality, powder-coated steel and will maintain their strength and appearance throughout normal weather conditions.  The StayFIT fitness stations are strong enough to accommodate most any weight requirements.  During the design process, our specialists will work with you to select just the right fitness system combination to fit your needs.

10 reasons to buy StayFit Bodyweight fitness equipment:

  1. No moving parts to wear out.

  2. Low maintenance

  3. Cost-effective

  4. The best warranty in the fitness industry

  5. Easy to install

  6. Easy to use

  7.  Unlimited design capabilities

  8. Can be used by anyone, regardless of fitness level

  9. Can be used by all ages (recommend 13 years and up)

  10. Made in the USA

Ninja Ladder

StayFIT Back Extension

StayFIT Beam Hop

StayFIT Flat Bench Leg Raise

StayFIT Incline Sit-Up

StayFIT Parallel Bar Dip

StayFIT Rope Climb

StayFIT Triple Pull Up

Overhead Ladder with Rails

StayFIT Back Stretch

StayFIT Crunch Sit-Up

StayFIT Gym Rings

StayFIT Jump Up

StayFIT Plyo Jump

StayFIT Tricep Dip

StayFIT Vertical Angle Climber

StayFIT Angled Climber

StayFIT Balance Beam

StayFIT Decline Push-Up

StayFIT Hi-Low Ball Toss

StayFIT Multi-Activity Bench

StayFIT Pull Up

StayFIT Triple Leg Stretch

StayFIT Vertical Ladder

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