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Fitness Equipment

StayFIT is the leading manufacturer of indoor/outdoor bodyweight fitness equipment. Bodyweight fitness equipment is the clear choice for any outdoor fitness application. StayFit equipment is low maintenance (no moving parts), easy to install, and simple to use. The StayFit 25-year warranty is the best in the industry. 

StayFIT equipment is 100% custom built in the USA to accommodate heavy commercial use in parks, schools and colleges, as well as fitness trails and activity/fitness centers. It’s perfect for corporate facilities, the military, police and fire departments; any location where durability and ease of maintenance is required. You can choose from a standard design or a custom design to fit your space and budget (no extra charge). 

StayFIT is the most modular line of fitness equipment available! There are over 40 different individual stations to choose from and StayFit can design your fitness station fit any need or space.

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