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StayFIT Tricep Dip

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StayFIT Fitness Systems

The StayFIT fitness stations can be combined to form an all-in-one fitness system. Using ones own body weight as resistance, they are designed to provide and all-around workout.

Each fitness stations is made from high-quality, powder coated steel and will maintain their strength and appearance throughout normal weather conditions.  The StayFIT fitness stations are strong enough to accommodate most any weight requirement.  

During the design process, our specialists will work with you to select just the right fitness system combination to fit your needs.

StayFIT Tricep Dip

The Tricep Dip fitness station is a piece of exercise equipment that works the chest, triceps, and shoulder (similar muscles as with the parallel bars.)

The Tricep Dip Step is attached to the pole, just above the ground, and used to help the individual obtain their starting position.

Available Steel Colors: 

Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black, White

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