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Jump Bars

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Doggie Playsystems

For those of us who enjoy the benefits of pet ownership, we also understand the importance of helping our furry friends get the daily exercise they need.  We know that dogs want to learn, grow and be active, but they often spend much of their time confined to their own space and experience hours of boredom which can lead to mischievous behavior.  Dog park equipment offers both physical activity and the opportunity to try something new, and it helps dogs develop important skills.

For those in the position of land development or park construction, these structures are more than just a luxury.  Installing dog park equipment and enhancing the usability of parks and open spaces is a much-needed community service.

The dog park equipment shown here is also used to assist in dog agility and behavioral training.  We have seen service dogs and working dogs benefit from learning to maneuver through tunnels, along uneven surfaces and jumping various heights, but these structures are intended for all types of dogs.  As they practice these skills and watch other dogs doing the same, a lazy-dog day becomes one of exciting exploration.  Simple dog play at the park becomes a new adventure with just a few pieces of dog park equipment.

Heavy-duty construction means each of these commercial dog park products are made to withstand the brutal forces of any canine or element of nature.   A dog park should be a safe place for dogs to play, interact, and exercise.  Doggie Playsystems require careful product design and manufacturing to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all dogs.  Each piece of equipment is designed to last for years, through all types of abuse.

Jump Bars

Materials: Vertical supports are 3”x3” powder coated carbon steel with decorative caps, the jump bars are 1 3/8” powder coated steel with welded nuts in each end for attachment.

Standard powder coating colors: Green, red, blue and yellow.

Size: 36” tall x 168” wide

Installation: In-ground direct bury or surface mount on a concrete surface.

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