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Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Dig

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Dino Climbers and Digs

Cast from Real Museum Dinosaurs! Get ready for the next generation of paleontologists.

Our dig sites and climbers are an irresistible draw for children into parks, school playgrounds and museums.

Children can excavate their very own dinosaur skeleton or venture out into the badlands and make important dinosaur fossil discovery practically in their very own backyard.

Our dig sites and climbers focus on children 5-12 years old. We offer scientifically accurate casts of dinosaurs that are displayed in museums throughout the world. Not all towns have world class museums and not all children have access to the wonders beyond a museum’s doors but now, every village, town or city can have a world class dinosaur skeleton right in their local playground.

Durable outdoor signage is offered, at an additional cost, of the specimen and provides an explanation as to where the skeleton was originally found and the importance of the skeleton to the science of paleontology.

The digs are cast in durable fiberglass reinforced concrete and color is imbedded into the cast to ensure that they will never fade or breakdown. On larger dinosaur digs sectional pieces are provided to ease and help the installation process. Sectional panel casts are constructed of durable fiberglass reinforced concrete and have F44.5 in Ferrule inserts that accept 0.5in bolts that can be embedded into concrete slabs or footings.

All Dino digs and climbers are designed to comply with CSA and ASTM playground standards.

Brought to you by Henderson Recreation Equipment and Exploration Playgrounds.

Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Dig

Fascinate and awe children with life size museum quality dinosaur digs that they can discover. Cast from the bones of real dinosaurs.

Ankylosaurus was an armored tank kind of dinosaur that lived 68-66 million years ago. To date, a complete skeleton has not been found but kids can dig up some of the bones that have been discovered.

Dimensions – 5′-8″  long (1.7m), 4′-4″ wide (1.3m)

Model No.   SA-CC039

Age Range: 2 to 12 years

Fall Height: Not Required because children’s feet remaining in constant contact with this ground level product. A sand pit is required to bury the Ankylosaurus.

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