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8ft Starglide Hill Slide

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Hill Slides

Hills may have to be modified to meet the slide's 30-35 degree angle. The listed slide slope is fixed and cannot be changed. 

The sliding surface shall be less than 300 mm (11.81 inches) above the ground. 

A starting platform is recommended and must be less than 300 mm (11.81 inches) above the ground. 

Arm clearance zones of 525 mm (20.67 inches) to the left and right of the outside edge of the slide must be free of solid objects such as rock, concrete pads, wood log steppers, etc. 

Rocks and log steps are not included and are shown outside the 525 mm clearance zone. 

8ft Starglide Hill Slide

Designed for a hill with a slope of 35 degrees, this small but fun slide is an excellent option for schools, parks, and daycares with a hill that is approximately 8ft high.

*Stone steps not included, for visualization only. 

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