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Outdoor Park Recycling Receptacle - Model RU005

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Vista Products

Vista is an attractive product line which can complement any environment, from scenic parks and trails, to urban streets and shopping malls.

Not to be understated, however, is Vista's commitment to quality and ecological sustainability.

Vista is dedicated to conserving the environment; superior quality recycled materials and environmentally conscious methods are used during fabrication, including lead-free and solvent-free powder coatings, and wood sourced from ecologically managed forests. Many of the finished products themselves can even be recycled, ensuring that Vista looks confidently to the future.

Vista's construction quality is unmatched. Comprised of strong, durable materials, every product in the Vista line is built to last. Vista uses the same heavy-duty materials in all of its benches, so choose from straight, curved, arch-back, backless, or even a customized version, and regardless of style, rest assured that Vista has got your back.

The full and final Vista allure is only possible through the application of an extremely high quality finish, which is present on all of our products. After every surface is carefully prepared, exacting detail goes into each stage of the coating process.

Outdoor Park Recycling Receptacle - Model RU005

Communities are committed to environmental sustainability and require access to recycling repositories while enjoying the outdoors.


Vista recycling stations are strong, durable and literally designed to handle a lot.  Not only will they help to keep your space clean, but with separate liners and openings, they also help to sort the various types of recyclable materials.


Recycling bins are available in several different styles including flare-top, flat-top, and with several helpful additions such as an optional rain shield, or a graphic, printed recycling message to help with accurate sorting.


Model: RU005

Description: Double Recycling Station

Top Style: Flat Top

Material: 1.5” x 3.5” (38.1 x 88.9 mm) Recycled Plastic, 0.25” x 2” (6.35 x 50.8 mm) steel flat bar.

Configuration: Vertical Slat

Finish: Polyester powder coating applied electrostatically over sand blasted and zinc primer coated substrate.

Installation: Assembled at factory, holes in feet provide a way to secure each leg.

Maintenance: Periodically wipe down to keep clean. 



  • Length: 48.8" (1240 mm)

  • Base: 25.1" (638 mm)

  • Height: 32.6" (828 mm)


Assembly may be required. Additional color and material options may be available. Please see our Color Options page for more information and contact our sales team if you would like to discuss other color options.


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