Perfect for 

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Preschool and Day Cares
  • Resorts & Campgrounds
  • Religious Organizations
  • Housing Authorities
  • Service Clubs
  • Residential Backyards


Best User Age: 5-12 years

Play Events: 26
Kid Capacity: 51
Use Zone: 59' x 36'

ADA / Annex H: Yes

ASTM F1487: Yes

CAN/CSA-Z614: Yes

CPSC Pub.325: Yes


Play Events: 

1 Space Station

1 Periscope Panel

1 Pirate Face Panel

1 Woodgrain Porthole Panel

4 Woodgrain Window Panel

1 Woodgrain Playcounter

1 Pipe Ladder 5'

1 Front Bow of Boat

1 Mast Yard Arms & Flag

1 Non-Skid Balcony Deck

2 Square Deck

3 Triangle Deck

4 Grab Bar

1 Mermaid Bow Front

1 PlayShip Steering Wheel on Post

1 Spiral Slide 6'

1 Jungle Net 5'

4 Rectangle Deck

2 Double Slide Plastic Hood

1 Double Scoop Slide 4'

1 Double Dare Slide 5'

1 Transfer Station 4'


Assembly required. Children should always be supervised when using play equipment.  


Please contact us for shipping and freight pricing before placing your order.

PlaySteel FIT Playground Structure - Model B306617

SKU: B306617
  • Looking for a playground that’s a perfect fit for a tight space and tight budget? Look no further than PlaySteel Fit. Your dollar with go further with smart, cost-saving designs that don’t sacrifice any play value. PlaySteel Fit features almost all of the same great components as our larger products with smaller decks and posts to keep costs lower. PlaySteel Fit is everything you need in a playground at a price you desire.