Striking and modern in design, kids and grown-ups can’t resist the Orbis—the play system that puts the focus on physical activity. Free from entrances and exits, Orbis lets children interact without boundaries with the play events around them.


Ultimate Play Time

The orbital ring is the key to the Orbis. All the climbers, arches and overhead play elements extend out from the spherical ring. Kids love the innovative design of Orbis, often choosing it over traditional playgrounds to play on. You can't go wrong - each one is a proven winner with children.


Space Built Quality

Through the power of the Antigravity Clamp, play components in Orbis' orbit are frozen in space, defying Newton's law of gravity. Cast from aluminum, the Antigravity Clamp is engineered and tested to endure all that the universe offers. All of the Orbis clamps are oversized for added strength and durability. 


Orbital Adventures

Kids access the heights of Orbis to explore the whole play area and beyond. Provides challenges that kids need for their minds and bodies, all while they are having so much fun that they won't realize hat they are doing something very healthy for them...unlike trying to get them to eat their veggies.


Play Event Component List

  • 5 Stepping Stone 12″
  • 6 Prime Arch
  • 2 Mini Orbis Arch W/ Launch Pad
  • 1 Floating Pods Top Bar 4
  • 1 Callisto Climber
  • 1 Nebula Climber
  • 1 Jansky Wave
  • 1 Mini Planet Climber
  • 1 Cosmic Strings (2 Nets)
  • 1 Syzygy Climber
  • 1 Hourglass Climbing Wall 4
  • 1 Microgravity Spinner 4
  • 1 Stratosphere
  • 1 Triangulates
  • 1 Curved Gamma Ray 4
  • 1 Orbis Accessible Turning Bar
  • 4 Terra Stepping Pad



Age: 5 to 12
Kid Capacity: 40
Area Required: 47′-8″ x 26′-6″ (14.5m x 8.1m)

Use Zone sq²/m²: 1100sq²/102m²

Use Zone Perimeter: 126′ (38.4m)

Fall Height: 8ft (2.44m) ASTM | 8ft (2.44m) CSA


Assembly required. Additional color options may be available. Please see our Color Options page for more information and contact our sales team if you would like to discuss other color options. Children should always be supervised when using play equipment.


Please review our shipping and freight information page before placing your order.

ORBIS Model # OB00461R0

SKU: OB00461R0
  • Kids love the challenge and thrill of climbing all over and our playground climbers allow children to climb up, down and all around and even over or under.

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