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Who We Are

All of our playground products are manufactured by Henderson Recreation. Henderson Recreation is a family owned and operated company since 1971. Henderson is guided by its founding father’s belief of “putting children’s safety first in every playground we build”. This belief remains the driving force behind every playground they manufacture. As a leader in quality-built playgrounds for more than 45 years, Henderson thinks designing fun and interactive playgrounds is a serious business because, to children, play is a serious business. And as experts agree that outdoor free play has an integral effect not just on physical but also emotional, social, and cognitive growth, that means play is a serious business for all of us. Keeping kids safe and playing is critical to their happy and healthy development, which is what drives Henderson.


Our site furnishings are all manufactured by Vista Furnishings. Vista furnishings are truly a sight to see. Each product in the Vista series is crafted with careful attention to detail; pairing innovative design with meticulous engineering, Vista offers unparalleled quality and unceasing beauty. Using the most innovative materials and the latest in computer-aided design including 3-D printing, Laser-Cut patterns, and CNC machining, Vista products are manufactured with the specific intention of providing lasting, stunning fixtures to any environment. The benches in the Vista line are inspired by the natural simplicity and stunning attraction of the grandest of North American scenery, Vista benches borrow their names from some of the most iconic lakes and waterways of North America. Lakes and waterways which have come to symbolize truly inspiring vistas. All Vista products are made in North America using environmentally responsible resources. As breathtaking as a serene prairie lake and as rugged as the enduring Rocky Mountains, Vista furnishings are a perfect blend of form and function. With Vista, it’s easy to turn any public space into a scene to behold.

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